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Ride or Die – Private

It’s two rides you’ll never forget!

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Private Tours
1–6 People
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14 People
15+ People
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Get it all… not just the tip!

It’s the ride of your life! Get warmed up at 2 local breweries (first round included at both breweries, food included at second brewery), ending your night riding the only mechanical *ahem* member in Austin! All with a solo musician on board jamming out as you make memories you’ll never tell your grandkids about…or maybe you will (we don’t judge!).

Note that shoes are not allowed at Slick Dick’s, so be prepared to go barefoot, or bring some socks to keep those tootsies safe!

Special dietary concerns or allergies? We do our best to accommodate everyone’s food needs whenever possible. Some stops will not have alternate options, in which case we will double up at another spot. Modifications may come with an additional charge.